• About Taijiang Cultural Center


Taijiang Cultural Center is the first cultural center in Taiwan that functions as a performance hall, a library, and a community university at the same time. It is also the first cultural facility in Taiwan established in response to the call of local communities, educators, and temple committees through a bottom-up process.

The establishment of Taijiang Cultural Center first came under discussion when Taijiang Culture Promotion Society pled for the building of Taijiang Cultural Park on a piece of public land in 2004. In 2005, the Cultural Affairs Bureau started planning the building of Taijiang Cultural Center, but was faced with difficulties when acquiring the right of use of the land. Also, the Bureau also worried that it would be hard to find the key role that the Cultural Center should play in the local communities, and that the artistic support in Annan District would be insufficient to keep the Cultural Center running, thus causing financial burden for the City Government. Hence, the plan was halted a few times over the years. However, recently the Taiwanese society went through major changes and Tainan was upgraded to a special municipality as the ancient cultural capital. The population of Annan has also been growing steadily. With the advocacy of local development associations, the artistic participation became more and more engaged and the annual “Taijiang Culture Festival” became an important artistic event in the Annan District.

Currently under the Cultural Affairs Bureau are two divisions responsible for the operation of local cultural facilities – Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division and Minjhih Cultural Center Management Division. The former manages Tainan Cultural Center, Guiren Cultural Center, Xinhua Auditorium, and Taijiang Cultural Center (under construction), while the latter manages Xinying Cultural Center, Yong Cheng Theater, Wu Jin-huai Memorial Hall, Xinying Art Park, and Xinying Anime Park (under planning, provisional translation). All these venues have specific goals and purposes, and so does Taijiang Cultural Center (which will soon be completed). What’s more, because it was local organizations that assisted in the birth of the Center, culture localization will be Taijiang Cultural Center’s main target of operation in the future.