• Xinhua Performance Hall

Xinhua Performance Hall is a small-sized venue which can accommodate 440 spectators. The Performance Hall’s role is primarily the community theater which promotes art to the locals. With the Tavocan Cultural Park as the center, the Performance Hall will make great efforts to help promote art along with the surrounding cultural amenities, including the Museum of Yang Kui Literature, Tainan Bú-tik Palace, local schools, and local community development committees. In 2015, Tainan Symphonic Band became the resident artist at Xinhua Performance Hall, giving concerts and inviting domestic and international musicians as well as symphonic bands to play music together on a regular basis. Every year from June to August, the Performance Hall also holds the “Tainan Wind Band Arts Festival” and plans a series of activities to invite more art lovers to the Performance Hall. Besides helping local artistic troupes to give better performances, the Performance Hall also endeavors to give richer performance content in order to advocate art in local Tainan and cultivate more artistic population in the future.

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