Tainan Cultural Center: The 36th Anniversary

Tainan Cultural Center: The 36th Anniversary

The annual celebration of Tainan Cultural Center(臺南文化中心) uses “Thirty-Six Stratagems-Mu Bu Jhuan Jing(三十六記幕不轉睛),” which means noticeability, as the theme for its 36th anniversary because we will give you eye-catching performances this October and November. According to Mayor Huang Wei-chi’s election platform about “Ren Dong Art District(仁東藝文廊道),” we organize “Ren Dong Art House(仁東藝棧)” program which connects Tainan Municipal Cultural Center, Barclay Memorial Park(巴克禮公園), Ten Drum Cultural Village(十鼓文化園區), Ceimei Museum(奇美博物館) with Furniture Manufacturing Eco Museum in Tainan(臺南家具產業博物館).

Ren Dong Art House” program offers a wide range of exhibitions, speeches, live performances, workshops. Blending the old with the new, performing arts with visual arts, these activities are just for you, the art lovers. This program is an opportunity to enhance your aesthetic experience.

Besides these indoor activities, we choose “wood” as the theme to arrange outdoor activities. You can get close to the nature and explore your five senses. What’s more, many troupes such as Circus P.S, Fingermosa and Sibongie will even create the innovative outdoor performances.

This year, we arrange 54 performances, 4 exhibitions, 6 speeches, 7 workshops, and 2 membership activities from October 1st to November 30th. Please come and join us to enjoy the wonderful Ren Dong Art House program! For more information about it, please visit the website: https://reurl.cc/n0ZARD

Posted: 2020-09-

Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, Hsu, Yu-Yen (許瑜讌)

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