Taikang Cultural Center’s Trial Run:An Introduction to the Scheduled Programs in March

The Taikang Cultural Center (TKC), the first multifunctional cultural center which contains a performing theater, a library, and a community university, is founded in response to the local need and call of neighborhood communities, educational & cultural professionals and temples, and is initiated and organized by them from bottom to top.

Located at the intersection of An-ji Road and An-zhong Road in the Annan District, having competed after three years’construction, the TKC is scheduled for its trial run during the months of January and March and will be officially in operation on April 13, 2019. During the trial run period, Taikang Performing Theater, outdoor square, and the library will open to the public with a variety of multiple and colorful programs being organized.

For example in March, at the theater, the performing program on March 2-3 is the “Love Tale of Anping” by the joint presentation of the Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company and Hsieh Ming-you. The main content and theme are adopted from the lyrics written by Chen Da-ru in 1951 and the song entitled “Anping Memories Reverie,” composed by Xi Shi, that depicts the An-Ping in end of 19th Century about the love story about Mother of Miss King’s and a medical doctor met with each other in a Dutch ship. Also the native Tainan music composer and teacher Hsieh Ming-you has specially written the lyrics and composed the song made for the singing part. And to go with the dancing theatre combined with inventive multiple media images to demonstrate the changing sense of alternating time and space between reality and fantasy in dancing.

On March 9 in the “Wukong: Before the Journey to the West” performed by FOCA Formosa Circus Art is an all brand-new program made by the group in 2019, featuring Wu Cheng-en’s “The Journey to the West” as the base blue-plan, and recreating the adventurous story of Monkey King Sun Wu-kong. The entire drama will be presented by such playing schemes or skills as satin thread suspension, huge rings, earth circles plus high degree of difficult somersault and other stunts, thus interpreting the stories told by the Monkey King in his continuously challenging his own self and the authority.

For more information on the TKC programs or activities, please visit the official website (https://tkcc.tnc.gov.tw/) and Facebook page(https://www.facebook.com/TaikangCulturalCenter).

Event: Love Tale of Anping

Time: March 2-3

Event: Wukong: Before the Journey to the West

Time: March 9

Venue: the Theater in Taikang Cultural Center

Organizer: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government

Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, YANG,CHIEN-FANG (楊倩芳)

Tel: 06-2558136 ext.105

E-MAIL: 760930@mail.tainan.gov.tw


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