An Afternoon TeaTime Encounter with Art

There is one very special space in the basement of the Performance Hall of Tainan Cultural Center – Art Salon. In addition to providing comfortable reading space and abundant reading media, you can enjoy a cup of afternoon tea on the weekend every month. To encounter with Art and literature, audience can open up the imagination of the senses through various intellectual and arts events.

This year, Art Salon will celebrate its anniversary. In the first half of the year, it will be planned for the “Arts and Literature Lecture Hall”. The six lectures which will invite different types of artists in terms of traditional drama, paper-cutting and music. Moreover, they have close chats with citizens. Plus, they will share their creative experience in the field of artistic. On January 5th and February 23rd, “Best Male Lead in Taiwan Kunqu – Yang Khan-ru(楊汗如)” who praised by Mr. Pai Hsien-yung(白先勇) will bring the wonderful Kunqu Opera. On March 9th, the paper-cut artist “Yang Shi-yi(楊士毅)” came to the audience with a beautiful heart. On April 6th, May 25th and June 1st, “Chen Hui-mei(陳惠湄)” who is the flute musician will introduce the classical music. These artists not only “speak” but also “play”, let the audience immerse themselves in the theater atmosphere during the sharing process, enjoy a cup of afternoon tea full of artistic taste, and feel contented on the weekend.

Posted: 2019-01-13

Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, Yang Shao-wei(楊劭暐)

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Yang Khan-ru(楊汗如)

Yang Shi-yi(楊士毅)

Chen Hui-mei(陳惠湄)


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