The First Cultural Facility in Taiwan Established in Response to Local Voices : A Trial Run of Taijiang Cultural Center in 2019

Taijiang Cultural Center is the first cultural center in Taiwan that functions as a performance hall, a library, and a community university at the same time. It is also the first cultural facility in Taiwan established in response to the call of local communities, educators, and temple committees through a bottom-up process.

Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division of Cultural Affairs Bureau in Tainan is responsible for the operation of Taijiang Cultural Center. Because it was local organizations that assisted in the birth of the Center, culture localization will be Taijiang Cultural Center’s main target of operation in the future.

The site of Taijiang Cultural Center is located at the crossroads of Anji Rd. and Anjhong Rd. in Annan District. The center, covering approx. 1.6 hectares, will have two steel-reinforced concrete (SRC) buildings – the theater building and the classroom building. The theater building will have 4 floors above ground and 1 floor under ground, with a professional multi-functional theater that can accommodate an audience of 400-600, along with a theater hall, exhibition space, professional rehearsal space and an outdoor stage for various kinds of performances. The theater building’s total floor area is 2,111 pings (ca. 75,116 ft²). On the other hand, the classroom building will have 3 floors above ground and 1 floor under ground, with 2 standard classrooms, 4 specialized classrooms, an NGO meeting room, office space, a light meal café, etc. The classroom building’s total floor area is ca. 279 pings (ca. 9,927 ft²). Also, a library will be built on the basement level, covering approx. 280 pings (ca. 9,963 ft²), with an audiovisual area, book collection area, and office space. The Center will be one of the few multi-functional cultural centers that help preserve nature, advocate education, and provide artistic space for exhibitions and performances all at the same time.

In the future, we expects that more people in different villages of Taijiang can join in so that the Taijiang Cultural Center can further help the residents learn locally and better their life and communities with the power of knowledge and culture. Most of all, we have a schedule for trial run programs in the theater of Taijiang Cultural Center. Wish you join us. For further information about the programs, please visit the website at

Event: A trial run of Taijiang Cultural Center

Time: 2019/1-2019/3

Venue: the Theater in Taijiang Cultural Center

Organizer: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government


Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, Chen Guang-Hua(陳冠樺)

Tel: 06-2692864 ext.110



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