Oid Building .Deep Feeling—Zhang Wan-xing’s Photography Exhibition

Time: 09:00 ~17:00, Sep 20 (Thu) to Oct.7 (Sun.), 2018

Venue: Gallery I, Gueiren Cultural Center (No.78, Xinyi S. Rd., Gueiren District, Tainan City)

Lecture: 09:00~12:00, Sep. 29 (Sat), 2018

Subject: Old Building .Deep Feeling.

Lecturer: Mr. Zhang Wan-xing(張萬興)


Seeking for the most natural ways in lives—All that readily available in nature are precious treasures.


Mr. Zhang Wan-xing, who lives in Bao-An Village of Rende District (“Bau-An” of “Yong-Bao-An-Kang(永保安康)” means “Peace and Health Forever”, Tainan City, carries out his belief “The footprint in the sand shows where you have been” with his camera. He likes to travel through the country trails in his leisure time, and records his living details through photographing as a hobby.


Unlike many others, he sees the world with lens, excavates the diversities in lives; and learns from the stories those photographs which tell with his perceptive feelings. The exhibition “Old Building .Deep Feeling” just displays the most authentic historical events through Mr. Zhang’s camera.

In order to pursue the real truth, kindness and beauty, Mr. Zhang Wan-xing learns to keep his mind opened. Also, he has received numerous awards and honors because he has shown both his positive attitude and contented mind in his works.



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