Arts Glory of Tainan—Welcome to 2018 Tainan Fine Arts Exhibition

2018 Tainan Fine Arts Exhibition will open at Tainan Culture Center on September 28th of this year. The exhibition comprises six categories, including Western Media, Oriental Media, Calligraphy, Photography, Traditional Crafts, and Sculpture. Out of the 348 entries, 184 pieces of artworks have been selected. The award ceremony will be held at Tainan Evergreen Plaza Hotel on October 6th.

The first prize winners of the six categories are-Chang Jwan-chan’s(張榕展) “Old PagesⅡ” in the Western Media category, Liu Jin-wen’s(劉進文) ” Grandmother’s Dowry” in the Traditional Crafts category, He Zhen’s(何真) “Sacred Deer” in the Sculpture category, Chan Jung-hui’s(詹榮輝) “Litchi” in the Oriental Media category, Liu Xin’s(劉心) “Liu Zang-yuan’s Poem” in the Calligraphy category, and Hu Chien-hua’s(胡倩華) “Autumn’s Miscanthus” in the Photography category. Among them, Chang Jwan-chan’s “Old PagesⅡ,” Chan Jung-hui’s “Litchi” and He Zhen’s “Sacred Deer” were further selected by the judges, winning the honor to receive the “Tainan Award,” and will be collected by the Tainan City Government.

The exhibition offers opportunities not only for local artists to learn from each other, but also for citizens to know the development of local art in Tainan. As Tainan is known for its prolific cultural assets, the artworks present creative ideas observed from traditional culture in daily life.


Exhibition: 2018 Tainan Fine Arts Exhibition (2018臺南美展)

Dates: 09:00-17:00, WED to SUN, Sep. 28th to Oct. 21st, 2018

Venue: Galleries of Tainan Cultural Center (臺南文化中心各藝廊)



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