【News】Knock Knock! Here Comes the Arts!

Art performances could be seen everywhere! “2017 Bringing the Arts to Your Community”, organized by Tainan Culture Bureau, has attracted more than 140,000 viewers since 2011.

The topic of this year is “Cultural Neighborhoods(在地交陪).” It implies that the arts are not far away, and we try to introduce arts to local communities. With this topic, we organized six simple local tours in West Central Dist.(中西區), Anping Dist.(安平區), Shanhua Dist.(善化區), Sinhua Dist.(新化區), Siaying Dist.(下營區), and Liouying Dist.(柳營區). Citizens will learn about many local features and stories from these tour guides.

This year, we prepared many fantastic performances from August 26th to November 26th. We invited many excellent groups such as U-Theatre (優人神鼓), Taipei Quyituan (台北曲藝團), Our Theatre (阮劇團), Song Song Song Children’s & Puppet Theatre (九歌兒童劇團), etc. We will hold a huge closing ceremony in Madou Dist.(麻豆區) with the special show “Funning Man IV (搞笑者們4.0之笑感動天).”

Just come and join us before 11/26. Want to know more information? Please visit the Facebook website (https://www.facebook.com/artstodistrict/). Don’t forget to show your support by clicking “thumbs up”!

“Winds of Hope (希望之翼)” of “Sun Son Theatre (身聲劇團)” in Rende Dist.(仁德區) on October 8th.
“2017 Bringing the Arts to Your Community” flyer (paper fan)



Posted: 2017-11-05

Draft: Irena Tseng(曾立瑩, Tainan Cultural Center Arts Bilingual Volunteer)

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