Bonjour! Tainan! “L’OUVRE 9@Tainan” Is Coming Soon!

Could you imagine that there are phantoms living in the artworks of the Louvre Museum and what will happen if the Louvre Museum is buried in the glacier in the future? These fantastic stories drawn by 11 groups of comic artists from Europe and Japan will challenge your imagination in Tainan. Since 2005, the Louvre Museum has invited some comic artists to visit the museum freely to look for their inspiration and then published these comic albums. “L’OUVRE 9@Tainan” will display some original artworks of these comic books. You can appreciate the amazing style and excellent technique of these comic masters.

Comic, as the ninth kind of arts, is an untraditional art, especially for some historical museums. However, the Louvre Museum, top 5 museums all over the world, opens their door to embrace this new kind of arts. The title of this exhibition “L’OUVRE” means “open the Louvre” in French and the number “nine” in French also has the meaning of “new.” This exhibition symbolizes an open-minded attitude of an historical cultural institution to interpret the tradition and explore the new field.

It’s the first time that Tainan Cultural Affairs Bureau of Tainan City Government (臺南市政府文化局) cooperates with the Louvre Museum to organize an international exhibition. This exhibition is also helped by Tainan Museum of Fine Arts (臺南市美術館籌備處), Tainan Cultural Foundation (財團法人台南市文化基金會), MoNTUE (北師美術館) and sponsored by the Shiny company (新力牌). From April 30th to May 22nd, Tainan Cultural Center will open every day to welcome visitors to enjoy these excellent comic artworks. Let’s open the Louvre, and open our vision!

Event: L’OUVRE 9@Tainan (L’OUVRE 9 打開 羅浮宮九號@臺南Tainan)
Time: 09:00-17:00, MON to SUN, April 30th to May 22nd, 2016
Venue: Cultural Artifacts Exhibition Hall & Gallery I, Tainan Cultural Center (臺南文化中心文物陳列館一、第一藝廊)
Ticket: NT$ 150: Adults
NT$ 100: Seniors (ages 65) / Children / Tainan Citizens/ Pre-order Online or at Convenience Stores
NT$ 80: Group Tickets (Campus / Travel Agency / Company)
Free: The Disabled or Children under 6 years old

Posted: 2016-04-01
Source: Yonghua Cultural Center Management Division, Lu, Song-ying(呂松穎)
Tel: 06-2692864 ext.306


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